Medical Care & Hospital Cash

Health is Wealth

Health is wealth, but good health is something we tend to take for granted. It is difficult to foresee an accident or illness. Unexpected medical fees could affect your family if you become ill or injured in case of accident. Will you have enough money set aside to support this burden? People who seek public healthcare services often find themselves having to wait many months to see a specialist or to have an operation, and this can often cause discomfort and additional complications.

Thanks to advances in medical technology, we are able to treat and combat many more medical conditions than ever before. However, to face hospital fees increasing, comprehensive medical protection for you and your family is essential.

Medical Care & Hospital Cash can provide you with cash during your stay therefore bringing you peace of mind while you recover. With the plan, you can take positive steps to ensure the health and happiness of your loved ones now and throughout life.

  • Extra cancer treatment and kidney dialysis benefit
  • Operating fee (each operation)
  • Guaranteed lifetime renewal
  • No extra charge for individuals
  • No claim renewal discount
  • No waiting period

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