What is a third-party liability insurance

Of the third-party liability insurance coverage to the insured or its servants in the “business area” internal fault or defective facilities to a third of casualties or damage to property in accordance with the law should be held liable.

Insured by the insurance period following accidents occurred due to the third body injury, death or property damage to third persons, in accordance with the law and liable for the claim, the insurance company was liable for the person responsible for:

  1. By the insured person or business because of its servants in the conduct of the business of insurance specified in the areas of the accident.
  2. The insured person’s place of business buildings, access roads, machinery or other work of the occurrence of accidents.

And the underwriting of the accident:

  1. Must be one of the following two reasons caused by:
    (a)due to the insurer or its servants operate due to the acts.
    (b)the insured business premises of the buildings, access roads, machinery or other work of those due.
  2. Must be within the period of insurance.
  3. Must be stated in the insurance policy within the business premises.
  4. Must be a third body injury, death or property damage results.
  5. Must be a third body injury, death or property damage results.

If not encountered the scope of protection or other problems, and should contact the insurance agent or insurance company to explain the plan and your needs.

Factors affecting premiums, such as the following points:

  1. Insurance industry by the business class or business nature of the use of the premises;
  2. Annual sales or total number of staff employed;
  3. Located in the local business, location, size, environment and the third adjacent property, the population;
  4. After entering and leaving the premises, or size;
  5. Premises, facilities, walkways and general management of the merits;
  6. Whether the operation, manufacture of dangerous goods? For the isolation of dangerous goods inventory stored? ;
  7. Whether in the last five years have accidents or casualties caused by the third-loss cases? ;
  8. Insurance excess of the amount and other factors such as level.

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