Marine Cargo Insurance

Marine Cargo Insurance Plan

As a shipper, you certainly want your cargo to arrive safely to the various destinations around the world. Our Marine Cargo Insurance Plan is specifically designed to give you total peace of mind. We cover all the loss and damage to your insured cargo caused by any unpredictable risk. The following three institute cargo clauses are provided for you to choose from:

Institute cargo clauses A:
It covers all risks of loss or damage to the subject-matter insured but excluding willful misconduct of the assured, ordinary leakage, ordinary loss in weight or volume, or ordinary wear and tear, insufficiency or unsuitability of packing or preparation, inherent vice or nature of the subject-matter insured, delay, insolvency or financial default of the owners, managers, chatterers or operators of the vessel, use of any weapon or war employing atomic or nuclear fission, unseaworthiness or unfitness of vessel or craft, war and strikes, riots and civil commotions.
Institute cargo clauses B:
It covers loss or damage to the subject-matter insured caused by:
1. Fire or explosion
2. Vessel or craft being stranded, grounded, sunk or capsized
3. Overturning or derailment of land conveyance
4. Collision or contact of vessel craft or conveyance with any external object other than water
5. Discharge of cargo at a port of distress
6. Earthquake, volcanic eruption or lightning
7. General average sacrifice 8. a. Jettison or b. Washing overboard
9. Entry of sea, lake or river water into vessel craft hold conveyance container liftman or place of storage
10.Total loss of any package lost overboard or dropped whilst loading on to, or unloading from, vessel or craft
11 .General average and salvage charges
12. Liability under the content of affreightment “Both to Blame Collision” clause
Institute cargo clauses C:
Covers the same as institute cargo clauses B except item 6, 8b, 9 and 10.
Cost saving with our premium
If you had a clean claim record in the past 3 years, and the packing of your cargoes is sound, we’ll give you an attractive discount.
Prompt response saves you time
What’s more, we guarantee that our professional services provide fast quotation reply and policy issuance within one working day.

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