Accidental Emergency Medical Insurance

Accidental Emergency Medical Insurance

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Territorial Scope: Mainland China (Exclude Hong Kong SAR, Macau SAR& Taiwan)

Coverage Maximum Benefit / Event (HK$)
Personal Accident *
If the lnsured suffers death or permanent total disablement caused by an accident within the mainland china, the benefits will be paid.
Accidental Emergency Medical Expenses
1.Accidental Emergency Medical Expenses
In the event that the insured suffers accidental bodily injury resulting in emergency medical treatment at the Hospital Network immediately, the Company will reimburse the Accidental Emergency Medical Expenses, including out- patient and hospital confinement.
2.Follow Up Expenses
Reimbursement for Eligible Expenses arising from follow-up medical treatment of same Accident by the Insured within 30 days at the Hospital Network in the mainland China or of his return to Hong Kong SAR is also allowed.
In respect of any one Accident, these follow-up expenses include the Chinese Bonesetter Treatment expense which is limited to HK$500(HK$100/day) and Physiotherapy or Chiropractic treatment expense which is limited to HK$1,000 (HK$150/day).
24-hour Worldwide Emergency Assistance Service
1‧Emergency Medical Evacuation or Repatriation Unlimited
2‧Repatriation of Mortal Remains / Ashes Unlimited
3‧Compassionate Visit One Return Air Ticket *
4‧Return of Unattended Dependent Child(ren) (under the age of 18) One Way Air Ticket *
5‧Deposit Guaranteeing of Hospital Admission US$6,500
Note: The Service is effective outside the Place of Residence Place of Residence will be regarded as Hong Kong SAR unless otherwise specifically mentioned on the Proposal Form by the Proposer and specifically endorsed by the Company.
*Economy Class


If the Insured engages in any of the types of work listed below (whether on a temporary or permanent basis). no benefit shall be payable under Personal Total Disablement which results from or is caused directly or indirectly by an Accident whilst :

‧Taking part in performing entertainment or film/ television production or stuntman or martial acts fighter.

‧driving commercial vehicle ‧working at height exceeding 30 feet above ground or floor level or excavation in any part of depth of 20 feet from the surface‧working on board or terminal ‧working on a construction site

‧Using of machinery driven by steam, gas, water, electricity or other mechanical power or machinery for cutting or pressing metal or plastic.

In the event of the death of the Insured caused by Accident resulting from any the types of work as mentioned above, the company will pay $20,000 as an Accidental Death Allowance to the Insured’s Legal/appointed beneficiary.

Period of lnsurance Premium($HK)
Gold Card (Mainland China) Blue Card (Guangdong & Fujian Provinces)
30days 200 140
90days 330 220
180days 490 290
One-year Period 660 390
Two-Year Period 1,120 680
Three-Year Period 1,580 970

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