Cross-Boundary Motor Insurance

Cross-Boundary Motor Insurance

The HZMB (Hong Kong-Zhuhai-Macau Bridge) is a cross-boundary connection between Hong Kong, the Mainland and Macao. Hong Kong vehicles crossing the HZMB are required to comply with the laws of these jurisdictions. The laws of all three places stipulate that all car owners and/or drivers are required to secure valid statutory motor insurance cover.

 Depending on the port of destination, you may need two to three different civil liability motor insurance policies. Since no single motor insurance policy will comply with the legal requirements of all three jurisdictions, drivers must obtain separate motor insurance for each jurisdiction they wish to enter.

Please note that if you already have a cross-boundary motor insurance policy between the Mainland and Hong Kong, you won’t need to obtain a new one for traveling to Zhuhai only. If going to Macau only, you still need to have a Chinese cross-boundary motor insurance together with Hong Kong and Macau motor policy since part of the bridge is located in Chinese waters.

Friendly reminder : If you already have a motor insurance policy, please keep an eye on its expiry date and renew in due course.

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– Macao Motor Insurance

To comply with the laws of Hong Kong, the Mainland and Macao jurisdictions, all car owners and/or drivers are required to secure valid statutory motor insurance cover in using HZMB.

In Hong Kong, the statutory amount required to cover liability arising out of one event is HKD 100 million. In the Mainland, the statutory amount is RMB 122,000. In Macao, the statutory amount required varies for different types of vehicles, with the amount required for light motor vehicles and motorcycles being MOP 1.5 million.

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