Domestic Helper

Under Hong Kong Law, Employers are legally required to ensure that their domestic helpers are fully covered against work injury and illness.

Domestic Helper Insurance provides comprehensive domestic helper coverage including medical expenses of your domestic helper for doctor visits, dentist and even hospital stays . It protects you against the legal lability as employer, and also provide the coverage to domestic helper in an accident on rest day and the third party lability.

Section Coverage Maximum
Employer’s liability Your liability under the Employees’ Compensation Ordinance and
at Common Law for bodily injury to your domestic helper.
Fidelity protection The financial loss of the insured arising from the dishonest act of the
domestic helper.
Loss of service cash allowance Domestic helper is hospitalized due to sickness or injury, this policy pays you a
daily cash allowance for the loss of services commencing from the 4th day
of the domestic helper’s confinement.
(max.$200/day )
Repatriation costs In the event of serious
post mortem treatment and transportation of mortal remains back to the
country of residence.
Replacement helper expense Administrative expenses reasonably and necessarily incurred for employing
a replacement domestic helper is repatriated due to serious injury, illness or death .
Domestic helper’s liability Legal liability of domestic helper to third party bodily injury or property damage
due to negligence during course of employment.
Section Coverage Maximum
Medical expenses * Out-patient treatment and medical expensesHospitalization (room & board max. HK$300/day HK$10,000/surgical operation $4,000/year
Dental expenses * Two thirds of most dental expenses, such as oral surgery, treatment of abscesses,
X-rays, extractions or fillings
Personal accident ** Accidental bodily injury during rest days :
-Accidental death
-Permanent total disablement
-Total loss of sight in one or both eyes
-Total loss or loss of use of one or more limbs
Section Coverage
 Heart Disease and Cancer Cover Medical expenses incurred due to heart disease or cancer 100,000/year
* The waiting period for medical and dental benefits will be 10 days from the effective date of the policy.
** The maximum amount payable for personal accident will be HK$200,000.
Plan type Premium per domestic helper
 Benefits For All Items $1,351 (2years)
Heart Disease and Cancer Extension $450 (2 years)
Employees’ Compensation Insurance Plan $350 (per year)
Remarks: All the terms, conditions and details of the exclusions are based on the original policy.

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