Health Insurance

Offer you exceptional medical protection at an affordable rate, so you have access to quality healthcare when you need.

We understand everyone’s health needs are different , so give you the flexibility to add on optional extras to suit your individual needs.

Offer a unparalleled benefits to you, from different and supporting you always…

Hospital and Surgical Benefit

‧Room and Board
‧Miscellaneous Hospital Services
‧Intensive Care
‧Private Nursing
‧Surgeon and Attendance Fees、Anaesthetist’s Fees and Operating Theatre Fees (Each operation)
‧Clinical surgery and day-case procedure
‧Emergency Out-patient Benefit for Accidents
‧In-patient Physician’s Fees and In-patient Specialist’s Fees
‧Cancer Treatment and Kidney Dialysis
‧Pre-admission and Post-hospitalisation Out-patient Care


Full Cover Benefit

The Full Cover Benefit guarantees that 100% of your hospital expenses will be paid, regardless of each individual item limit,
as long as the total bill falls within the annual limit.
Supplementary Major Medical Benefit
To give extra protection and relieve you from the worry of having to pay the expensive bills in the event of major illnesses or accidents,
we offer you the reimbursement of eligible expenses exceeding the maximum limit of Hospital and Surgical Benefit.
Hospital Cash Benefit
Hospital cash benefit as a supplement to cover any extra costs incurred during your hospital stay.
Clinical Benefit
‧General Practitioner (including Home Consultation) and Specialist
‧Physiotherapist and Chiropractor
‧Consultation fee and Chinese Medicines of Chinese Herbalist and Chinese Bonesetter
‧Prescribed Western Medication
‧Diagnostic Imaging and Laboratory Tests
Maternity Benefit *
The Maternity Benefit shall cover medical expenses incurred for the following during pregnancy:
‧Hospital Confinement
‧Consultation of a Registered Medical Practitioner and Prescribed Western Medication
‧Diagnostic tests, prenatal check-up and postnatal check-up
‧Nursery care of newborn baby

* This Benefit does not cover any medical expenses incurred by the newborn baby during Hospital Confinement.
* This Benefit is payable provided that the pregnancy commences after this Benefit takes effect and you have been continuously covered under this Benefit for 9 months or more.

Easy enrolment
No medical examinations are required.
No claims renewal bonus
If you do not claim within a specific period, you can enjoy an increasing renewal discount on your Hospital and Surgical Benefit and Full Cover Benefit.
No extra subscription
No extra subscription
Regardless of your claim history or changes in health after joining the plan, there will be no increase in subscription on an individual basis when you renew your contract.
Lifelong guaranteed renewal
We guarantee that your cover can be renewed for life, regardless of any changes in your health after joining.
Up to 50% discount for family enrolment
We want to support you as your family grows. If both you and your children enrol together, each child can enjoy a discount on Hospital and Surgical Benefit and Full Cover Benefit.

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