Home Insurance

Coverage Maximum Benefits (HK$)
Householder’s legal liability protection
Accidental bodily injury or property damage to third party and legal costs
Accidental damage to home contents protection*
‧Covers any accidental loss destruction or damage to your home contents
‧Gross floor area (sq. ft.)
‧700 or below
‧701 – 1,500
‧1,501 or above
‧Sub-limits :
‧Valuables (such as jewelleries, furs, watches, antiques etc.)
‧Other contents
$250,000 in total ($20,000/ item)
$100,000/ item
Free extensions*
‧Loss or damage of home contents during home removal
as per Sum Insured
‧Loss or damage of home contents during renovation (renovation period not exceeding
2 months)
‧Loss or damage of home contents that are temporarily removed for repair or cleaning
‧Cost of temporary accommodation following damage to home
‧Removal of debris following accidental damage to home
‧Unauthorized use of credit cards and cash loss due to burglary at home
‧Repair of broken doors, locks and windows due to burglary
‧Deterioration of frozen food following damage to the domestic refrigerator
Worldwide personal accident protection**
Accidental death
Emergency assistance services
‧Plumbing, electrical or locksmith assistance
‧Other free referral services such as home nursing care, household appliance repairing,
home cleaning and pest control etc.
* The excess under home contents section is the first HK$250 each and every claim.
**the age limit for insured persons under worldwide personal accident protection is 16-24 years old.
Coverage Maximum benefits (HK$)
Accidental damage to building protection*
Rebuilding cost
Free extensions
‧Landslide and subsidence
‧Professional architect consultation fees
‧Removal of debris following property damage
Rebuilding cost
5% of Rebuilding cost
5% of Rebuilding cost
Worldwide personal possessions protections**
Selected sum insured ( the maximum benefit per item is $5,000
or 20% of the sum is insured, whichever is lower)
Free extensions  
‧Theft of money
‧Unauthorized use of credit card
‧Replacement cost for loss of personal identification due to theft
*The excess for landslide and subsidence protection is the first HK$10,000 or 10% of adjusted loss each and every claim,
whichever is greater; the excess for others is the first HK$3,000 each and every claim (except for fire, lightning and explosion).
**The excess is at least the first HK$250 each and every claim for the worldwide personal possessions protection.
Annual premium (HK$)
Gross area (sq. ft.) Basic coverage Basic coverage + building coverage
Under 500 750 1,250
501-700 900 1,530
701-1,000 1,200 2,220
1,001-1,500 1,500 3,030
1,501-2,000 1,950 3,990
2,001 or above Individual cases Individual cases

Remark : All the terms and conditions and details of the exclusions are based on the original policy.

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