Residential Rental Care Insurance

Residential Rental Care Insurance

Investing in rental property is always a good way to protect your financial status and to generate a steady income. Nevertheless, it may also bring you troubles and anxieties by unforeseen circumstances. Residential Rental Care Insurance eases your mind with its all-round protection.

Coverage Maximum Benefits (HK$)
Owner and personal legal liability
Accidental bodily injury or property damage to third party and legal costs
Accidental damage to home contents protection*
‧Covers any accidental loss destruction or damage to your home contents
‧Gross floor area (sq. ft.)
‧700 or below
‧701 – 1,500
‧1,501 – 2,000
‧2,001 or above
individual considerations
Free extensions *
‧Loss or damage of home contents during home removal $50,000
‧Loss or damage of home contents during home renovation
(renovation period not exceeding 2 months)
‧Removal of debris following accidental damage to home $5,000
‧Damage by firemen as a result of execution of duties as per Sum Insured
‧Green living cover Extra 10% of Sum Insured
‧Loss of Rent $10,000 / month (max. 3 months)
Emergency assistance services
‧Plumbing or electrical assistance $500 / incident
‧Other free referral services such as home nursing care, household appliance repairing,
home cleaning and pest control etc.
Referral service

* The excess under Home Contents Section is the first HK$250 each and every claim.

Coverage Maximum benefits (HK$)
Accidental damage to building protection **
Rebuilding cost
Free extensions
Sub-limits :
‧Landslide and subsidence Rebuilding cost
‧Professional architect consultation fees 5% of Rebuilding cost
‧Removal of debris following property damage 5% of Rebuilding cost

** The excess under accidental damage to building section is the first HK$3,000 each and every claim (except fire, lighting and explosion). The excess under landslide and subsidence extension is the first HK$10,000 or 10% of adjusted loss each and every claim, whichever is greater.

Annual premium (HK$)
Gross area (sq. ft.) Basic coverage Basic coverage + Optional benefits
500 or below 600 1,100
501 – 700 750 1,380
701 – 1,000 900 1,920
1,001 – 1,500 1,100 2,630
1,501 – 2,000 1,300 3,340
2,001 or above Individual cases Individual cases

Remark : All the terms and conditions and details of the exclusions are based on the original policy.

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