Investment – Linked Assurance

Investment – Linked Assurance

We Understand What You are Working for

We understand that you will have different investment target at different life stages. Investment is a way of looking after you and your family’s future needs – to see your children through university, to enjoy a decent retirement, or simply to make the money you have earned and saved work harder.

Investment-Linked plans provide protection and investment all under one umbrella. Unlike traditional insurance, you will have control over the investment strategy by deciding your own investment portfolio. An appropriate portfolio is based on your personal investment target, risk tolerance level, investment horizon, liquidity needs and financial strength. You may free switch fund portfolio, and the contributions will be managed by the professional investment expertise. They will seek potential capital growth of the global market and help you to realize your investment objective.

  • Link with life protection and fund investment
  • Return is linked to fund performance
  • Switch between a mixtures of funds
  • Add top up premium whenever you want
  • Flexible to allow partial withdrawals of fund units

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