Contractors All Risks Insurance

Contractors All Risks Insurance

What is a comprehensive insurance works

Comprehensive insurance is a combination of insurance and property liability insurance comprehensive policy, on the other hand is underwriting construction of the project during the project faced by the risk of accidents comprehensive policy.
Such as typhoons, flooding, earthquakes and other natural disasters, or even fire, theft, negligence and other losses in the coverage.

As for the body other than the project property damage or casualties, but also insured that can be attached to a third accident liability insurance, security and construction units unrelated to the loss of a third person.

Additional liability insurance and workers, protection for construction workers because of the work of the body injuries, the death of the medical expenses, funeral expenses, etc..

Therefore, comprehensive insurance works is entirely in accordance with manufacturers create a demand for design of the entire insurance policy.

《Project comprehensive insurance》
The underwriting of general mining, where the subject matter of insurance in the construction of premises in the insurance period, due to the sudden and unexpected accidents, damage or loss is caused by the need to repair or replace, in addition to describing the policy of non-guarantee things, have to be adjustments. The main underwriting dangerous incidents are as follows: fire, lightning, lightning, explosion, aircraft crashes, flooding, flooding, rain, snow, avalanches, typhoons, cyclones, hurricanes, earthquakes, tsunamis, land subsidence, landslides, rockfall, theft, theft and the third, who acts of goodwill, construction defects and defects caused by the machinery accidents.
《Liability Project》
Insured or its servants in the policy set out in the premises or adjacent to the construction areas as a result of the implementation of the school building contracting business in accidents, such as the scaffolding collapse pressure to pedestrians or to a third person injured, death or property damage, in accordance with the law shall be borne by the insurers liable for compensation, and by request, be compensated by the insurance. However, staff employed by the contractor for the injury or death of responsibility, it is the employer accident liability insurance coverage should be the exception.
Oxfam basis for underground works, as shock, soil disturbance, soil insufficient support, strata, or retaining such factors as failure, resulting in cracking or neighbouring houses collapsed, and other losses, the insurance can receive compensation.
Subject to the risk insured losses body works and the third person after the accident liability insurance to the insured.
《Labour Liability》
Servants of the people insured in the insurance policy in this period in the construction of the premises as a result of the implementation of underwriting and engineering positions in accidents caused by the injury or death of the law shall be borne by the insurers liable for a claim for compensation by the , in addition to the specified exclusions of the insurance policy, the insurance company was liable for the person responsible.
《Other risk surcharge》
Construction machinery equipment insurance: in the policy set out in the premises, all of the construction equipment can be insured, but must be accompanied by equipment breakdown showing the name, type, brand, year, unit price, quantity, performance and the amount of insurance, Another operator rates. The construction machinery equipment insurance can be insured separately to last for one year, without limiting the site.
Insurance rates should be its replacement price. The so-called replacement value means the replacement and re-insurance object of the same brand and model, specifications, performance or similar mechanical equipment, in the accident when the accident occurred, and the new price should include the price of the ex-factory price, freight, duties , the installation costs and other necessary expenses.
Demolition clearance costs: means the accident occurred, in order to clean up the damage at the scene and will be transported from the scene of property damage for the costs. The cost of the amount of the nature of the works, the use of building materials, size of the damage, removal and construction of the adjacent road space factors.
If not encountered the scope of protection or other problems, and should contact the insurance agent or insurance company to explain the plan and your needs.
Comprehensive insurance underwriting works by the main Civil Engineering, the business scope is broad and varied, such as roads, bridges, tunnels, housing, pipelines, earthwork projects.
Different projects, because of different methods of construction, construction sites, the nature of the works, manufacturers such factors as experience, and face different potential risks. Therefore, when calculating premiums, there is no certain formula to follow, based on the underwriting is the professional experience, as well as the loss of records of similar projects, the impact of geography and climate of external factors, such as the contractor’s construction experience, again Integrated to the insured’s security conditions should be calculated on the basis of a reasonable rate.

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